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How to Get the Best Letterpress Printing

How to Get the Best Letterpress Printing

If you have ordered any print jobs before, you may know that letterpress printing is one of the most expensive types of print jobs you can get. That is because the cardstock used and the printing process is one of the most difficult and the most beautiful there is.

If you would love to have letterpress printing done for your next print job, but are not sure you can afford it, here are a few ways to make sure you can.

Only order letterpress printing on the Internet -- While you can, of course, order letterpress printing from a local printer, in most cases what you will end up paying for it is far more than you would from an Internet printer.

That is why you should make sure you get as many quotes as you can from online printers, as you will likely be surprised at how much cheaper a letterpress printing job is.

How to reduce the price even more -- While ordering a letterpress printing job on the Internet is already cheaper than at a local printer, you can make it even cheaper with the choices you make.

First, look carefully at the cardstock or paper you use as this can add a huge amount to the total cost of the job if you do not choose well. Look for cardstock or paper that is thick and looks of high quality, but is not so expensive that it maximizes your budget.

Then be sure to ask about wholesale printing as, if you think you are going to use pieces from your print job in many different scenarios, it only makes sense to order them all at once. This will give you a cheaper price per piece, as well as save on the shipping costs you will incur.

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